The State Duma establishes an expert council on legislative support for the development of the territories of the Far North, the Far East and the Arctic zone. This was announced on Thursday by Vice Speaker of the lower house of parliament Olga Epifanova at the session of "The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" Forum, TASS reports.

According to her, the new expert council in its work will rely on the best practices of the northern regions, find legislative solutions and, on their basis, develop proposals for the executive branch.

Olga Epifanova considers it necessary "to create an executive body that will coordinate everything related to the Arctic - the economy, human resources, and education."  In her opinion, "a special state northern policy should find reinforcement in the program of social and economic development of the Arctic regions until 2020".

On March 29, IV "Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" International Arctic Forum started its work in Arkhangelsk, a key platform for discussing the problems and prospects of the Arctic region, designed to unite efforts of the international community for the effective development of the Arctic.