Today, in the office of Prognoz mining company, which is the operating company of SilverBearResources Inc (SBR) in Russia, was a meeting of Graham Hill, SBR President, and Anna Fedorova, General Director of JSC Prognoz, with Ignaty Spiridonov, Head of Kobiai ulus.


Comment by Graham Hill, President of SilverBear Resources Inc.

- I am very glad that today we met with Ignaty Spiridonov, Head of Kobiai ulus, and discussed the development of the region, which is important for the local community and for the development of our silver mining project at Vertikal’noye deposit.

Graham Hill was appointed President of SilverBear Resources Inc. on November 17, 2014. Mr. Hill is a qualified mechanical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the development and operation of gold, silver, coal and mineral deposits. He held executive positions in a number of international companies and participated in the construction of gold mines, was responsible for the development and management of gold and silver mines around the world. At the moment, Graham Hill is fully focused on the silver mining project at Vertikal’noye field.


Prognoz joint-stock company was established in Yakutsk in 2003, it conducts silver exploration and exploration in Kobiai ulus. Currently, the Company's activities are focused on geological exploration and design of the mining and processing complex. The estimated average ore processing volume per year is 110,000 tons, the resulting product is silver powder (99.8Ag). Prognoz JSC is a 100% subsidiary of the SilverBearResoerses international company. With the development of Vertikal’noye field in Kobiai ulus, the establishment of a new industry for silver mining and the industrial development of the whole region of Western Verkhoyansk will begin.