Oymyakon is best known as one of the "cold poles" of the planet, according to a number of parameters Oimyakon Valley is the most severe place on Earth, where the permanent population resides.

Oymyakon is becoming a global brand, hundreds of tourists are willing to visit the legendary Pole of Cold and learn life in Yakutia, said the founders of http://Oymyakon.ru, who presented the new site.

"Pole of Cold Tours are available to all residents of Yakutia. Tourism is a nationwide trend that we are ready to develop. Now Oymyakon is facing great opportunities, thanks to the timely promotion of the Ministry for Enterprise and Tourism Development. With your support, we are ready to go on a worldwide level. Though there are a number of problems, but they can be solved," - said Aleksandr Krylov, entrepreneur.