North mosaic

The head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Oleg Safonov chaired a meeting on the conclusion of agreements with the Russian Federation subjects for a grant from the federal budget for the implementation of the program on "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)."

Deputy Permanent Representative of Yakutia Taras Popov said that in Yakutia funds will be allocated for the creation of supporting infrastructure of tourism clusters, including electricity, communications, heating, gas supply, water supply, water discharge and transport infrastructure.

‘Northern Mosaic’ Tourism and Recreation Cluster is included in the activities of the federal target program on "Development of domestic and inbound tourism of the Russian Federation (2011-2018)." Construction of engineering infrastructure has begun in 2014 with the start of funding from the federal and republican budgets. Thus, the required engineering infrastructure is partially created with the use of the federal and republican funds on the territory of the cluster. Achieving of designed capacity is planned at the end of 2018 and the first half of 2019.